Spotify Platinum: Features and pricing of the platform’s new high-quality audio subscription plan

In 2021, Spotify intended to add Hi-Fi quality to deliver high-fidelity audio, but after several months of waiting, such a service could soon be available for $19.99 per month (20 euros, approx,

Reddit user u/neralymind shared in a post that he has unsubscribed from Spotify, and during the process, the application recommended him to fill out a form to find out the reason.

This person includes a Thing Asking about the inclusion of a new Platinum plan with more benefits, including the new Hi-Fi Audio Formata tool for auricular tunings, playlist pro, limited ads podcast and bookstore.

You can see future additions in the image published by u/neralymind:

New Spotify plan.

This reward provides 3 months of free personal Spotify Premium for using Bing from Edge.

What is Hi-Fi Quality?

Hi-Fi quality (high fidelity audio) Provides music in a less compressed format than MP3, moreover, it usually deals with audio flawless (no loss of quality) as it cancels out unwanted noise and distortion.

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