SSC-CDMX acts in the face of chaos at Bad Bunny concert; Azteca Stadium points to Ticketmaster

On the occasion of the concert, the Secretariat of Civil Protection of Mexico City implemented a security and surveillance apparatus with the deployment of 2,795 elements and 107 vehicles.

A problem with tickets caused pushing and shoving among attendees, so officials changed the location of some of the enclosures to try to control access.

Azteca Stadium representatives confirmed tonight that Ticketmaster Elements detected duplicate and/or counterfeit tickets for concerts.

The situation, he said, is completely unrelated to the sports venue.

“To guarantee the safety of all those attending the Bad Bunny concert, access has been revoked and all measures have been taken in collaboration with private security personnel and the Secretary of Security,” he elaborated.

He urged those affected to lodge their complaints directly with the Ticketmaster service.

Azteca Stadium will also request a report from Ticketmaster on what happened and evaluate related actions.

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office reported that it has asked Ticketmaster for “a report explaining what caused this situation with tickets, which has been reported through social networks and the media.”

“Similarly, we ask the affected consumers to present their complaints so that we may address them in relevant legal terms; And in the event that they are victims of forged tickets, guide them so that they can go into the relevant cases as it is commission of an offence,” he said.

Thousands did manage to reach the Azteca Stadium. Bad Bunny jumps on stage and the party starts.

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