Star Plus confirms ‘Chucky’ season 2 premiere date

Chucky continues to sharpen his knives and looks ready to splatter blood on the screen. And in order not to lose the interest of the fantasy, Star Plus has confirmed the premiere date of Season 2.

After revealing the bloody trailer for Season 2 ChuckyThe diabolical doll fandom has kept abreast of everything related to the series starring Jackie Arthur, Björgvin Arnarsson, and Alivia Alyn Lind. This time star Plus Decided to please our customers and confirmed the date of new episodes,

It was announced via social network that next october 19 Chucky Will be back to continue his ruthless killing spreeBut this time he won’t do it within the suburbs, as the story was transferred to a Catholic school, so some parents and possibly nuns will have to face this satanic existence.

star Plus

The series created by Don Mancini has joined the wide list of star Plus in which you can marathon with chunky evil doll 3, Chunky’s son, Chunky’s Curse You worship in chaki, It’s only left for you to organize your Weekend of Horror to watch this bloody saga ahead of the Season 2 premiere.

Don’t forget it will be October 19 when Chucky Come back with new episodes where Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Doriff will also return to their sad characters, Meanwhile you can browse the catalog of star Plus and enjoy titles like hunter: hunting, only murders in the building, the servant hey limbo,

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