Stephanie Salas wears refreshing haircut again at age 50

Humberto Zurita’s beautiful girlfriend recently went to the beauty salon for a makeover and showed us what Haircuts That Favor Women Over 50, So if you want to know more about Stephanie Salas And his hair continues to read.

Stephanie Salas Claims to be the Perfect Haircut for Women Over 50

via your stories on instagram, Stephanie Salas posted a video in which he is seen with a corte pixie With two different textures, as in the front it maintains a fringe and longer ends; While they are shorter on the sides, they do not overflow with growth like other styles.

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Stephanie Salas pixie cut for women over 50. Photo: Instagram

Which haircut is beneficial for women over 50?

The name of the pixie cut refers to “elves” and “fairies” because it is believed that their hair resembles these magical creatures. This style differs from others in being shorter at the temples and slightly longer at the top.

classic pixie with bangs

inside pixie hair There are different styles, one of the most preferred by women over 50 is this one with bangs, as it is ideal for slimming the face and instantly rejuvenating it.

pixie cut after 50 to rejuvenate
Pixie cut after 50 to rejuvenate. Photo: Instagram

pixie cone baby bang

This is one of the most elegant and fashionista styles, it is perfect for those whose hair is thick, difficult to comb or a bit rebellious, as this style allows you to always look neat without the need to invest a lot. allows. time or attention…

pixie midi

On the other hand, if you are looking for a change in look, but you do not dare to keep your hair so short. Stephanie Salas, the midi pixie can be the solution, as they are longer than the rest of its variants. Adding fringe to it will make your hair look more sophisticated.

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