Subway wants to sell sandwiches at the vending machine

Products from one of the largest fast-food chains may soon be available in vending machines. Subway announced Monday that it will expand its “non-traditional presence” by adding premade sandwiches to the unattainable “Grab and Go” smart fridge.

The first of these fridges was placed at the University of California San Diego in September, Subway said, and the response has been “extremely positive.”

According to the company, the machine at UC San Diego is freshly stocked daily by nearby franchisees, and it uses UV-C light sanitation after every purchase.

Carla Martinez, Director of Innovation for Nonna, said, “Subway Grab & Go has rapidly gained traction as consumers are drawn to making fresh sandwiches from a brand they know and love, against competing items. which rely on a shelf life of more than 14-days.” Traditional development.

Subway installed its first interactive, completely unattended smart fridge at the University of California San Diego in September.


Subway said the fridges feature artificial intelligence and “natural language processing,” allowing users to talk to the machines if they want a contactless shopping option.

“As Subway continues to expand off-premises concepts, guests can expect to find Subway Grab & Go and smart fridges in more convenient everyday locations such as airports, college campuses and hospitals,” the company said.

It did not elaborate on plans for an expanded rollout of the machines.

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