Sure ‘Yaomiville’: they present a phone designed for the elderly

Smartphones are very easy to understand for young people who have grown up with smart devices, however, for an elderly person, it can be a complicated task. This doesn’t mean that an older person can’t take advantage of new technologies, but that they must adapt to them. For this reason, there are brands that specialize in making smart phones for the elderly and one of them is Gigaset, which has been launched recently. Gigaset GS5 Senior.

The company’s new phone goes on sale this November for 299 euros, and allows the elderly to share with their loved ones on calls, WhatsApp photos or to find something on the Internet quickly and easily. The GS5 Senior is designed for elderly people who find it difficult to understand technological innovations, but who do not want to deprive themselves of its use.

Gigaset GS5 Senior Features

As revealed by Gigaset, the smartphone will feature a dual camera system a 48MP main camera why With Ultra Wide Angle and 8MP Macro, It also stands out for a battery that can be replaced with fast charging and longer duration thanks to the introduction of simplified and automatic text thanks to voice recognition.

Generally, mobiles designed for elders have large buttons, a self-explanatory menu, a sturdy design, magnetic cable charging, Unlock with fingerprint or face recognition and additional functions, such as a emergency button Or headset compatibility. In the case of the GS5, these features don’t change and the interface is simpler to use.

Its home screen can be customized with up to eight applications that the phone’s owner uses the most. This screen is quite bright. with Full HD+ resolution, and is 6.3-inch, with an integrated protective film that can be complemented with a PU leather flip cover. In addition, it has a special texture on the back, making the grip ideal and preventing falls.

Master's students can empathize with the elderly to experience their pain and hardships.

The GS5 has Android 12 as its operating system, something that guarantees better security and stability. The device has 4 GB of RAM working memory, 62 GB of internal memory, dual SIM and an application Optional memory up to 512 GB.

sos button

Via the emergency key, the GS5 Senior makes a distress call to 112, which is already stored among the user’s contacts. However, it can be configured to include other contacts, such as children or other relatives. When you click the button, the device dials all the numbers until someone answers, you can also Send a message and even location in real time.

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