Survivor Mexico 2022: Cintia breaks silence about her alleged infidelity with David Ortega

after leaving Cynthia Coffano of Survivor Mexico 2022Much was said about his alleged emotional affair with David Ortegawithin competition, as they were very close together most of the time, causing rumors of a possible romance to such an extent that the influencer committed infidelity to her lover. However, youtube broke the silence and talked about it.

few days ago Cynthia Coffano was the final wipe Survivor Mexico 2022 One step away from becoming one of the finalists of the competition, she had to say goodbye to her game partners to return to the hotel, where those expelled during the Fusion stage were Saadi, Cathay, Cuchao, but she was also David OrtegaJoe, despite not being so involved in controversies, had a feud with the influencer as it was believed that they had a romance within the contest.

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