Tabata Jalil raises the temperature in miniskirt and navel

as style queenso it was seen Tabata Jali By sharing a series of photos on his social network with which he claimed a flirtationship black miniskirt and navel look with whom temperature rise In Facebook and Instagram Sigh and look away.

reporter”happy come“She is very active in her network, where she constantly shares photos of her best looks, with which she confirms that “younger” women can wear short dresses and look amazing in any season, because she It’s a decline.

Tabata Jalil shows up in miniskirt and wins

Tabata stole the eye on his official accounts, where he shared a series of photos showing him a short skirt In black leather, which she paired with a green blouse that stands out for being short and with a clear neckline, makes for a perfect match between clothes.

The reporter showed up at the network with a daring look. Photo: IG @tabatajaliloficial

“I am free from my past, enjoying my present and creating a future full of abundance, joy and blessings #decree #del #dia #love #green #nature”, was the text and hashtag with which Jaleel Along with the snapshot, with which he has received hundreds of comments and thousands of “likes” on Instagram in just a few hours.

that driver in the images VLA She shared that she can be seen wearing a youth outfit with which she took fashion lessons, apart from highlighting her curvy figure with a miniskirt at the waist, which attracts attention for its ruffled design which she wore on the navel. And paired with high heels.

“Always so beautiful, my love”, “Beautiful Shorty”, “It will always be a great fascination, privilege and attraction to see that you are the brightest inside and out”, “Fantastic! I love you” and “Most of the world Beautiful feet in the world of”, are some of the messages he received.

Tabata showed off her shapely legs. Photo: IG @tabatajaliloficial

The presenter, who has been part of the TV Aztec morning cast for many years, began her career in media in 1998 in the program “To Whom It May Concern”. Today, more than 20 years after her debut on television, she is undoubtedly one of the favorites on the small screen and now on social networks.

Tabata43, also confirms that age is just a number and it doesn’t matter when it comes to looking stylish with a younger look, as she has undoubtedly been crowned the queen of the world. mini skirtPair them perfectly with short and revealing tops or blouses, with which her beauty also shines.

The beautiful driver of VLA caught everyone’s eyes. Photo: IG @tabatajaliloficial

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