Tabata Jalil stuns the network with a white miniskirt and red blouse

Beautiful! Tabata Jali one more time love social media For a new look that the charming Morning Reporter gives happy come show her figure that makes her one of them favorite public figures for the people.

professionally trained Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with a series of photographs a insightful message For those clueless who usually don’t pay attention to details:

“Maybe he’s told you through a thousand eyes and you never understood him… GET UP!!!! JOIN!!!!”.

Tabata posing on TV Azteca. Photo: IG

Jalil, in addition to presenting interesting reports in the morning symbol of television Azteca, also takes the time to pamper his fans on the social network. Instagram add 3.3 million followers, where he put up a series of pictures that impressed internet users.

Heart attack pictures of Tabata Jalil

Tabata has inside the facilities of the Ajusco television station a . posed with extreme miniskirt color blanca With black piping that turned into flowers where at one end were tied with a bow made of fabric similar to the fabric.

Jalil again conquered the network. Photo: IG

In addition, the driver also wore a small red blouseapproximately at the height of his navel, which is the opposite of color brown His high and wide heels Which further highlights his worked gym legs.

The reactions of his followers were not long in coming as he flooded the comments with praises for the 1.55 meter tall pretty famous, which is well received by all.

Tabata is showing her working legs. Photo: IG
  • “I will always tell you beautiful that you are Tabitata, you are really beautiful.”
  • “good morning maida (sic) it’s nice to wish you like every day always so beautiful beautiful pretty beautiful sexy i love you so much i’m your fan and i love you so much i’m from cdmx i love you so much Heart”.
  • “It will always be a great fascination, privilege and attraction to see that you are pure love and genius.”
  • “A happy, beautiful and very prosperous Sunday, my beautiful … I love you more than yesterday and less than yesterday.”
Jalil is one of the favorite of the people. Photo: IG

With these postcards, in about three hours, Tabata Jalil has accumulated more than 20 thousand 200 likes in his posts which he has a habit of keeping average Between 50 thousand and about 100 thousand responses To show off your lovely figure.

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