Take a breath before knowing the cost of a bottle of Tequila “Tesoro Azul” of Marco Antonio Solis

Marco Antonio Solis’ talent for providing great shows alongside the music is renowned; However, its other aspects are less well known.el bookieHusband of “. Christy Solis There is also a hotel named after him, baptized “Mansión Solis”; And as if that weren’t enough, it produces and markets its own tequila, which is quite distinctive and aimed at a rather international audience.

exclusive tequila Marco Antonio Solis It is called “Tesoro Azul” in a clear allusion to the agave. Once again, the man behind the project’s finances is his wife”el bookie“, Christy Solis. The main market for this tequila is the United States, but the couple also plans to take “Tesoro Azul” to Central America and Latin America.

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