Take a Breath Before Knowing the Profession of Cristian Castro’s Grandfather

Christian Castro (47) One of the great musicians and composers of the Mexican scene. Their romantic ballads, which they know more commonly to combine with more moving hits and dances at parties, have ranked them as one of the icons of Latin music for nearly 30 years. And the talent in Kristian is something that comes from family, because he’s the son of a total diva Veronica Castro and actor Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, to whom he is also the nephew of Ramon Valdés (Don Ramon Inn). “El Chavo Del 8”,

There is no doubt that talent is in the genes of the whole family. Christian Castro, From his mother’s fame and performance, Veronica Castro And who always shined as a soap opera actress and television presenter until her uncle, Ramon Valdés’s performance and program success. “El Chavo Del 8”, Even “El Loco” Valdés shone as an actor and comedian.

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