Take a breath before seeing Dr. Ana Maria Polo from Caso Cerrado in a one-piece swimsuit

doctor Anna Maria PoloTelemundo. Host of the successful cycle of “Case closed”There are many celebrities. And it is that throughout the 18 seasons of the program that allowed her to rise to fame and become known for her special style—tough, but at the same time gentle and sensitive—, we got to know the woman deeply , which imparts the education of justice and arbitration in the most surprising, and even unusual, cases.

but away from the tv screen ana polo It also played a surprising role in social networks. And it is that on his Instagram (@anapolotv), the media host and lawyer already has over 2.5 million followers. And this is where he shares various pictures from his personal life and invites his fans to discover his intimacy. Right in a photo from her Instagram account, the driver shared a photo in a bathing suit and in an attitude in which she is rarely seen.

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