Take a Breath Before You Meet Yellin’ Beautiful Ex, DJ Sammy

rapper yalini At the age of 20, she is also known for being a partner of the Puerto Rican Annual AA and being a part of the music world. Currently, he has released a few singles such as: “Chivirica”, “If You Look for Me”, “Who Robs Me”, other hip-hop genre musical themes as well as rap.

beautiful singer married Anuel AA Former partner of the famous Colombian musician. The couple’s civil ceremony was held last June in the Dominican Republic, the country where the most viral Yalin was born and grew up, and even the rapper shared the news with a message that said : “Everything is in the hands of God.”

Yellin is giving the most viral poses. Source: Instagram

before, yalini He was in several romantic relationships in his teens. Although they were short relationships, one of them lasted, and that is DJ Sammy, also from the Dominican Republic, named Samuel Dillon Castillo, whom the artists met while they were both in music.

Recently, DJ Sammy appeared in a television program and opened up about his relationship with Sundar Yellin most viral He said: “It all ended in the best possible way, I am glad because she found a partner who supports her,” she concluded. There is no doubt that DJ remembers the rapper in the best way possible.

In return, DJ Sammy also said that yalini He was never unfaithful to his current partner, Anuel Aa. Finally, the public singer released her new single called “Soy Mama Remix” and it is now possible to listen to it on various music platforms, “La Insuperable” and “Farina” were part of this new song.

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