Take a breather before meeting yoga instructor Annie Mooves, who sweeps Instagram

professional in yoga, Any Moves Started to have a great interest more than a decade ago, also a passion for physical training and flexibility. What has taken her this far while working with well-known Hollywood celebrities and artists who request her to take care of her figure.

“Such an enjoyable family exercise, I have so many memories of my father laughing and competing to see who can hold the upside down for the longest time, as well as deep and long shavasana (yoga pose) holding hands with my mother,” he says. Annie By sharing the same passion with your family.

Annie Moves Posando. Fuente: Instagram annie.moves

That, in turn, creates a picture of the moment on Instagram who is also working with the world artist dua lipa, He mentioned some important tips to keep in mind when practicing yoga: “Honestly, breathing is everything. It’s a practice that has a very positive impact on your life, on many levels. Until you come to the mat, you don’t know how important it is.”

He also mentioned: “One of my great goals is to really immerse myself in each of us and explore the body through movements and breathing; as you practice and progress, often the stagnant energy becomes a part of the body.” originated in specific parts where it was not known to be stored, such as the hip,” he concluded. Annie,

Any Moves Training. Source: Instagram annie.moves

, commenting about his profession: “Yoga is not just something physical; There is a taboo that if you are not flexible, you will not be able to practice it. But yoga is for everyone. This is a very individual exercise, but it is beneficial for everyone, and it should be accessible to all. Try this: The worst that can happen is that you don’t like class… the best thing that can happen is that it changes your life.”

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