Take a deep breath before knowing the reason why they almost never kiss in Turkish novels

las Turkish soap opera They are recognized for their incredible stories on the big screen, from romance, family problems, dramas, betrayals, impossible love, revenge tales and drama, undoubtedly the Turkish strips have become a phenomenon in the public that every time more chooses to engage. to happen.

middle eastern tv shows like TV serial They have what I don’t know is making their stories addictive and they are one of the biggest hits of all time. He has won the hearts of his audience in his country and also in other corners of the world that every day seem to unite as followers of his stories.

Turkish soap opera “The Bride of Istanbul”. Source: Instagram lanoviadeistanbulfans

one every year Turkish soap opera manages to gain popularity and be one of the most watched, expected and commented on the big screen, no doubt it has grown exponentially over the years. The performances of the artists who are part of the strips are always performed with respect and without overdoing it.

There is an unknown in Arab novels and this is the moment in which the scenes of kisses There is a sentiment among the actors and this is because the population of Turkey must adhere to certain moral and ideological norms that the country currently has, for which it is respected.

Famous Turkish soap opera. Source: Instagram

“Censorship is always limited in any field, be it your work, your normal life. Due to the circumstances of the country we are living in, there are some rules that we have to follow. It is not very good. , but we have to obey them,” he announced in the first scenes about his prohibition. To kiss

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