Take a Deep Breath Before Trying Queen Elizabeth II’s Favorite Cocktail

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September this year at the age of 96 and was driven out by his entire royal family dressed in black as a mark of mourning. According to medical reports, she apparently died of natural causes, she was the longest-serving queen.

As is already known, very little personal and intimate information exists about the royal family, important data about the current King Charles III As when he travels he usually goes with his personal chef to eat his favorite dishes, in turn the fact that he has had a teddy bear since he was a child has also been commented on.

Queen Elizabeth II with her husband Philip of Edinburgh. Source: Instagram _isabel_ii_

Several comments have been made regarding the private lives of royalty, as recently presented, some news has been revealed about Queen Isabel II, As it was his favorite drink which he drank every day during lunch and also on the day of his death.

It is said that the emperor used to drink up to 6 glasses of alcoholic beverage daily from his usual lunch time. She started off with a gin and Dubonnet cocktail with lemon and ice, looking like she couldn’t put down a glass of champagne to end her day so she could fall asleep in total comfort.

Queen Isabel II. Source: Instagram _isabel_ii_

In return, the favorite drink of Queen Isabel II It was a dry martini that he absolutely could not give up in his meal. As is already known, the royal family usually makes completely strange requests to their employees.

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