Take a deep breath before watching Laura G as a driver as a teenager

Laura Go has become one of Favorite Conductor of Mexican Televisiongood thanks Her Charisma, Beauty and Talent placed in the taste of the public. his passion for media starting from a very young ageso he started out as a presenterBy the time I was a teenager, The Monterey native himself has shared Photos of this stage of his life, So here we present to you what it looked like when it was small.

Maria Sonia Laura Gonzalez Martinez, driver’s real name smile come on, was born on June 28, 1985 in Monterrey, Nuevo León. with only 13 years made his first television appearanceAnd from that moment he started his successful career Entertainment reporter, presenter and also radio announcerIt shows that he is a professional in the training industry.

Laura G is multidimensional IG @lauragii

This is what Laura G looked like in her teens

According to his biography, the behavior began in the show “Between Chavos” from TV Azteca Monterey, In the broadcast, she showed her talent as a reporter, as confirmed by a photo in which you can see Laura is interviewing a group of young people, The image shows the presenter in her teens wearing a shirt with people Ajusco Television Station and carrying a microphone to practice his profession.

The moving postcard was shared by Monterrey native, Nuevo León in the midst of celebration in 2020 27 Years of Aztec TV, With this publication, Laura took the opportunity to share her experience as a member of the company and thank him for the opportunity when she was very young, which gave her the skills to be where she is now.

Laura started her career on IG @lauragii. but as a teenager

Laura G. Consolidated in the Aztecs

In-spite of this tv azteca leeE paved the way for her to enter the world of training, the Monterey native continued her way into other companies such as multimediawhere he was part of “TVToo” and “La Hora G”, as well as in televisain which your popularity soaredThat “yes” and . will be a reporter for “News First”, The program he had to leave because of a controversial source with the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.

However, it wassabdazo“, a project in which he shared cameras Omar Chaparro and Cecilia Galliano, where he showcased his potential as an entertainment host. Although very successful, Laura Go The businessman left the ranks of Emilio Azcarraga’s television station to return. “Your Home” TV Aztecin which he says he’s got a family smile come on, Morning show in which he has been since 2019, and where he has also been captivated by his knowledge of fashion and trends.

Found a family on VLA IG @vengalaalegria

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