Take a Long Breath Before Seeing What Marco Antonio Solis’ First Wife Looks Like Today

Mexican singer-songwriter, founder of music group Los Bucis, Marco Antonio Solis is happily married to Christie solis, but Mark Antony Surely the past is loved, that’s the case Beatrice Adriana with whom he had a famous daughter Beatriz soliswho follows in the footsteps ofel bucic“Today we’ll see what it looks like Beatriz mother today.

In 1972 “Los Bucis” signed with the record company “Disco Melody”. The group’s name is derived from the name given to children in northwestern Mexico. “Los Bucis” recorded their debut album titled “Falso Amor” and later released their second album, “Te Tu Y Te Perdi”, which was followed by “Me Feel Solo”. pair of Marco Antonio Solisso And Beatriz Adriana met during the filming of the movie “La Coyota”.

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