Take off the mask! Carlos Ponce discovered Bota

The character had to reveal his identity after Ellebridge and the Bunch won the contest.

By: Eric Solisso

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Who is Diego Sconing Bot in the Mask?

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The race to be the best at hiding your identity in Who’s the Mask? And another character had to take off his mask and this time it was the bot.

After facing triple combat with the character




The researchers decided to save the first as in the last opportunity, which is why the monster faced in the Mask VS Mask.

Both characters gave their best when interpreting Reek’s song ‘Danger’, leading the audience on stage to finally decide to save the bunch.

no choice, bota

Had to remove the mask and reveal the identity Diego Sconing. In the following video, relive the emotional moment the singer burst into tears:

Diego Schöning breaks down in tears upon discovering himself as the bot in Who’s the Mask?

latest bets

After Omar Chaparro announced that the bot would take off its mask, researchers thought was behind the character:

Carlos Rivera – Euremo
Galilea Montijo – Facundo
John’s Zurita – Facundo
Yuri – Hector Suarez Gomiso
Carlos Ponce – Diego Schoeing – Right


Among the clues that the characters released in the fourth show were the following:
– Like an airplane.
– “One of my passions is exercise and I even built my own gym”.
Physical activities he enjoys He said he likes skiing, lifting weights and snowboarding.
– He indicated that he had entered the area.
Other clues you can see in the following video:

The bot hides an athlete or actor? We offer your clues

Have you discovered this personality? enjoy

Who’s the mask?

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