Take off the mask! Dalmatians reveal their identity in Who is the Mask?

This character stood apart for his vocal talent in the reality show

By: Eric Solisso

Instagram: @fernandameade / TelevisaUnivision

Who is Fernanda Meade the Dalmatian in the Mask?

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Who is the mask in the fifth show of? Another character had to reveal his identity and this time it was the Dalmatian, who surprised him by becoming Fernanda Meade from Pandora.

Dalmatians in broadcast,




They faced a triple match, the third of which was saved by a panel of investigators, composed of Galilea Montijo, Carlos Rivera, Juanpa Jurita, Yuri and their special guest Irina Baeva.

Dalmata also faced Tricky in Mask vs Mask, which included a duet with Sebastian Journey’s song ‘Tacones Rojos’.

In the end, the stage had the opportunity for the public to vote and so did Tricky and her great dancing skills to keep her going in the competition. In this way the Dalmatian had to reveal his identity. Relive the moment of revelation in the following video:

Dalmatian reveals the good Fernanda from Pandora

latest bets

These were the final predictions made by each researcher:
Carlos Rivera – Mimi, from Flanso
Galilea Montijo – Edith Marquez
John’s Zurita – Pandora’s Fernanda – TRUE
Yuri – Fernanda, from Pandora – Right
Irina Baeva – Maite Peronik


In her track video, Dalmata expressed that she has more to show: “I haven’t been very lonely, since I was a kid, I came in a pack and although phases have been my life, I He had to leave once.”

On the tracks, the character took a picture of Ral Velasco from a trunk that marked the Mexican Open television with his program ‘Always on Sundays’.

In the following video you can see more clues that he gave in past shows:

The Dalmatian is very forgetful and thus shares his first clue

Do you know who the Dalmatians were? Share your comments with us via social networks of Who is the Mask? Which is broadcast by Las Estrellas on Sundays at 8:30 pm.

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