Talent agency CAA left it after anti-Semitic post

Hollywood talent powerhouse Creative Artists Agency has broken up with Kanye West, now legally known as Yeh, following a series of anti-Semitic remarks.

The agency has officially removed the rapper as a client, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CBS Moneywatch.

Despite the sheer number of fans and the lucrative nature of commercial partnerships, companies and fashion brands have faced increasing pressure to stop doing business with the West. The call for companies to distance themselves comes on the heels of his social media post about Jews, including a tweet saying he wants to go to “Death Con 3” on Jewish people. Twitter and Instagram suspended this From forum after post.

French fashion house Balenciaga recently ended its partnership with Ye, while adidas is taking the heat In order not to end his deal with the rapper. Ari Emmanuel, CEO of talent firm Endeavor, wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times last week urging all enterprises to stop working. you on his antithesis,

This is a developing story.

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