Tamara Falco’s Revealing Statements About Onigo Oniev

Grinon’s Marchionnese is still immersed in a full recovery after the severe setbacks he experienced

Tamara Falco at the photocall for Cronos Holmes’ eighth anniversary GTRES


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Tamara Falco continues to recover from the emotional void left by vary sentimental cone inigo oniva, Included in the incident occurred just two days after his engagement with the ring was announced. This determination a. was done before the spread of Video in which the businessman appeared kiss a girlIn late August, at the Burning Man festival.

Since then, Grinon’s Marchionnese has taken a step forward and hasn’t hesitated to meet her work commitments and even pay attention to how she feels afterward. treason who was her boyfriend for two years. a position that is distant from the young man he has taken, whose whereabouts are unknown and who has not given not a statement After the publication of the statement admitting his mistake. Attitude that fosters a desire to know how you are and that keeps all eyes on you.

Before moving to Mexico to attend a presentation titled ‘Family and Entrepreneur’, the daughter of isabelle presler expressed what it meant to him infidelity D’Oniva further assured that he prefers not to continue looking at things because “it’s a bit more of the same”. Magazine ‘Hola!’ In a conversation with, Falco once again thanked the media for the investigative work: «If it weren’t for the journalists, I would never have known. Thanks for revealing it.”

Furthermore, she wanted to clarify that she was not aware of double life About the businessman: “If anyone insists that I knew, they are tragically wrong.” and is doors locked for a possible reconciliation. “Are we crazy or what? It is shown that he does not know how to love. Something that he would defend if he did: « I have loved to the extreme and it has failed me. Whatever has happened That rests on your conscience. Mine is calm

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