Tamaulipas fan reveals what Bad Bunny smells like after going on stage

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young man from tamaulipas who went viral for going up on stage to dance bad bunny During the concert in Monterey, he explains how he got so close to his favorite singer and reveal what it smells like,

@heyitsmayrin tells what it was like in a video on TikTok bad bunny She chose him to go on stage, as many people have asked her on their social networks.

Tamaulipas youth manages to dance with Bad Bunny in concert

In the timeline of her story, she mentions that when the dynamic began, she was not convinced to participate, as she did not believe she was being chosen.

But seeing that the singer was still looking for fans in the crowd, she accepted his lover’s offer to climb on his shoulders.

“He lifts me up on his shoulders and when I turn to the front and I see Bad Bunny and he says ‘you go ahead’.”

And although she was already chosen, she wasn’t going to be able to go on stage, first because people didn’t make way for her and then because security personnel wouldn’t let her through with her cell phone.

“I got excited but I thought I wasn’t going to be there because people wouldn’t let me pass; When I come to the front the guard tells me “You can’t pass your cell phone, leave it with your friends or whoever you come with”, but my boyfriend was very inside and a guy tells me “I can’t use it”. Will take care of “you”, and I left it up to the world and the fact that he was very nice, he waited, he returned my cell phone and recorded me.

What does Bad Bunny smell like?

The young woman, originally from Matamoros, Tamaulipas and studying medicine, also replied, What does Bad Bunny smell like?

It is here when he indicates that he was dismayed by the smell of the singer, otherwise than by his own hands, because when he touched them he said they were soft.

“Benito extends his hand to me, his hands are very soft, I feel the friend does nothing, and he turns me around and I don’t know how to turn like that, everyone saw it, looked at it , and I said that I already lost the chance to dance cool and not good, everything went well. After that, I said, I didn’t hug her and then she hugged us and I smelled it with a jacket, Because I also wanted to know what it smelled like, I was a little disappointed, because it didn’t smell like anything, it didn’t even smell like sweat, it didn’t smell like perfume, I couldn’t really smell it was smelling or not smelling anything, the other girl says it smells great, but I didn’t smell it”.


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