Tania Rincon: From miniskirts to short bikinis, Hoyu’s host’s riskiest looks

It’s no secret to anyone that Tania Rincon He has established himself as one of the most important figures in the entertainment world thanks to the outstanding work he has done as the host of shows such as “Venga la Alegria”, “Guerreros” and “Programa Hoy”.

Born at the age of 35, famous La Piedad, Michoacanaenjoys an enviable fame which is reflected in her millions of followers on Instagram, as practically all the content she shares goes viral, usually thanks to the model’s beautiful looks.

It was precisely on this digital platform where internet users realized that apart from her talent in front of the cameras, Tania Rincon is also a fashion benchmark, as she always manages to show off her curves with the best of looks.

Tania Rincon’s best looks

Before his more than three million followers on Instagram, Tania Rincon Has shown that fashion is a part of her day-to-day life, making spectacular appearances in each of her productions within “Program Hoy”, a space where she shares driving with figures of her stature. Andrea Lagaretta and Galilea MontijoO!

Since appearing on Televisa’s morning show, which took place in late 2021, the sports expert has also sighed with flirtatiousness. One of them is the one in which she modeled a short miniskirt, which attracted a lot of attention because of the opening in one of her legs, which she complemented with a blouse and long boots.

Photo: Instagram/@taniarin

One of the images that added the most interaction to his Instagram profile in 2022 is the one in which he posed leaning against a sculpture. the classmates Andrea Lagaretta and Galilea Montijo She was crowned queen of the miniskirt with a tight ensemble that highlighted all her curves.

Most followers of the “Hoy Program” agreed that with that look she showed she was the heir to the broadcast, as her talent and beauty showed she could become a figure in the aisles of the San ngel television station.

Photo: Instagram/@taniarin

away from television cameras Tania Rincon Enjoy wonderful trips in the company of your beautiful family. One of the most attention-grabbing looks was the one in which she posed in a pool with a small bikini, showing that she has an attractive figure at the age of 35.

Driver standing on the edge of the pooltoday’s programShe modeled a beautiful light colored bikini that fit her perfectly. Fans were mesmerized by her marked belly and the alluring legs she presented.

Photo: Instagram/@taniarin

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