Tania Rincon gives style classes in a bubbly yellow

Tania Rincon She has established herself as one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television. Born in La Piedad, Michoacan, the famous woman has won the hearts of thousands of spectators for her appearances in shows such as “Venga la Alegria”, “Guerreros” and “Programa Hoy”. thanks for his work, he enjoys a Deep fame that is reflected in millions of followers She is on Instagram, where she usually shares her best beauty and fashion tips.

In addition to his talent in the fashion world, during his successful career, the host has also shown his great passion for the sport as one of the most prominent figures on the Fox Sports Network and is currently part of TUDN, which is in the form of The World Cup will be held in Qatar 2022.

The driver enjoys an enviable fame. Photo: IG @taniarin

Tania Rincon impresses in yellow look

Apart from shining on the small screen, Tania Rincon is also a star in social networks Well, it has over three million followers on Instagram alone, which is responsible for making all the content it shares go viral. That’s exactly what happened with one of his most recent publications, where he showed off his look in yellow.

In the photo Tania Rincona She showed off the great figure she achieved by modeling as a risky yellow at age 35 Due to which his toned stomach opened. All her followers told her that this look suits her and highlights all her beauty.

He showed his figure next to a helicopter. Photo: IG @taniarin

in the image Tania Rincon in a yellow strappy crop top showing off her toned abs as seen while posing next to a helicopter, The outfit was complemented with pants in the same colour, pink heels and a wavy hairstyle that highlighted her pretty face.

“Tani with everything Always with that beautiful charisma you’ll break it”, “With that complexion the most beautiful”, “You are a star”, “You are the most beautiful”, “Big success, you will do great” And “I love you”, Tania received some comments on her social networks.

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video | In a bikini, Tania Rincon wore Nuestra Belleza México 2006 . paraded like this for

Tania Rincon shines by the beach in a yellow dress

By the sea, Tania Rincon hits the net with a black bikini

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