Taylor Parker sentenced to death for murdering pregnant friend to steal her unborn child

a texas jury a woman sentenced to death She knew to take her unborn daughter to murder a pregnant woman on Wednesday.

Returned with sentence for jury member Taylor Parker29, only after deliberating for more than an hour, the Texarkana Gazette reports. The same Bowie County jury convicted Parker of death on October 3 in the 2020 murder of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons-Hancock, whose baby was cut from her womb and did not survive.

In a statement to the court, Simmons-Hancock’s mother addressed Parker as a “wicked piece of flesh demon”.

Jessica Brooks said, “My baby was still fighting for her kids when you ripped her open and ripped her baby out of her belly.”

The Gazette reported that after hearing statements of influence from the victim’s family, Judge John Tidwell told the bailiff: “Take her to death.”

Simons-Hancock’s body was found on October 9, 2020, at her home in New Boston, a city of about 4,600 people, 160 miles northeast of Dallas. Her 3-year-old daughter was at home when her mother died.

Later that morning, Parker claimed she had given birth only after being pulled over by a state soldier for speeding and driving the wrong way. The child, Brexlin Sage Hancock, was taken to a hospital in Oklahoma, where he was pronounced dead.

This undated booking photo provided by the bi-state detention center in Texarkana, Texas, shows Taylor Rene Parker.
This undated booking photo provided by the bi-state detention center in Texarkana, Texas, shows Taylor Rene Parker.

AP. Via Bi-State Detention Center

Prosecutors have said that in an effort to keep her boyfriend, Parker made herself pregnant, faked ultrasounds and even had a gender-revealing party.

During the trial, a state police investigator testified that Parker did extensive research on How to confirm pregnancy?, Special Agent Dustin Estes said that on the day of the murder, he saw a video on a physical examination of a pre-term delivery baby at 35 weeks.

Simmons-Hancock’s husband Homer Hancock testified that Parker and his wife were “somewhat friends” and that Parker had taken photographs of their engagement and wedding.

In closing statements, prosecutor Kelly Crisp showed jurors a crime scene photo of Simmons-Hancock covered in blood on the floor. She told the jurors that Parker should be given the death penalty because she is a threat. She said that in addition to ripping her baby out of her womb, Simmons-Hancock was “bitten” and beaten hundreds of times.

Parker’s attorney, Jeff Harrelson, told jurors in closing statements that “words can be used to dehumanize,” and that there are “layers” and “greys” in people’s lives.

“He’s a human,” he said.

Harrelson also said that Parker was disappointed by her friends and family, who didn’t tell her about the fake pregnancy.

“There was no safety net when everyone saw the wheels were off,” he said.

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