Taylor Swift fans sue Ticketmaster over Eras Tour sales failure

a group of taylor swift fans The music star is suing Ticketmaster after unsuccessfully promoting his Eras Tour concerts.

More than two dozen fans allege that Ticketmaster violated antitrust laws designed to protect market competition, according to a lawsuit obtained by Deadline and filed in a California court on Friday.

The suit claims that Ticketmaster provided pre-sale codes to fans, even though the ticket seller knew it could not accommodate all orders for tickets for Swift’s performance. The plaintiffs also allege the service, which is owned by Live Nation Entertainment, sold a substantial number of tickets to scalpers and bots, leaving fewer seats for fans.

As a result, millions of fans were denied the ability to purchase tickets.

The suit alleges, “Ticketmaster knowingly and purposefully misled ticket purchasers by allowing scalpers and bots to access ticket pre-sale events.”

Demand for Taylor Swift tickets crashes Ticketmaster


The complaint further stated, “Lakhs of fans waited for eight hours and were unable to purchase tickets due to insufficient ticket issuance.” “Ticketmaster knowingly provides codes when it cannot meet demands.”

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs also accuse Ticketmaster of encouraging scalpers to score tickets because the company earns a fee on the resale market. They are seeking financial penalties of $2,500 for each violation, which could go into the millions.

the artist himself issued an apology to his fans,

“It goes without saying that I am extremely protective of my fans,” Swift said in an Instagram post last month. “… It’s really difficult for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties, and it’s excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen without recourse,” she said.

Justice Department is now investigating Live Nation on whether the company’s market power violates antitrust law and harms competition. A recent drop in ticket sales has renewed calls for more scrutiny of the company.

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