Teemu, the latest Asian app that wants to clear Amazon by being even cheaper than AliExpress and Shein

China is a major rival to large Western technology companies, but There is also a very notable competition within the Asian country., The owners of Pinduoduo, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, have entered the United States market with a platform. Earlier This will not only affect Amazon, but also fight against a company within its borders: AliExpress or Shein.

Teemu became the most downloaded shopping app in the United States on 17 October. But the competition doesn’t stop there and the owners of TikTok also intend to dethrone Shein’s position with If You as an ultra fast fashion e-commerce platform whose main target audience is Europe (specifically United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy). ,

The replacement for Alibaba in China that will oust Amazon in the West

As detailed in MIT Technology Review’s China report, Teemu is a global version of Pinduoduo, founded in 2015 and which competes against larger firms such as Alibaba within the Asian country. In 2020, it replaced rival as the company with the most ecommerce customers in China. And it currently has over 730 million monthly active users.

Much of its success is due to the fact that its products are sold at surprisingly low prices. However, Teemu is barely mentioned on the social network in the US, and even in a short period of time it has had many downloads. “I think it’s almost entirely due to commercials”says Juozas Kajiukainas, founder of e-commerce analyst brand marketplace Pulse.

Teemu is known for its affordable products, which arrive in approximately 10 days.
Teemu is known for its affordable products, which arrive in approximately 10 days.

It seems Americans are seeing TEMU ads everywhere. In fact, the meta explains Over 11,000 ads have been published for the new platform since September, in English and Chinese. Meanwhile, other Chinese websites such as Shein and AliExpress have been shown only a few dozen times.

The app is available on iOS, where ads are primarily targeted to the US and Canada, and Android, where ads are displayed in seven other countries. teemu get earrings for 60 cents, Security cameras and wireless headphones for about 4 euros why games under 6 euro,

Such a low price is not something we are not used to. Aliexpress also often offers items at prices cheaper than the initial cost on their website, but at Teemu, they also promise to deliver them sooner. When a user makes a purchase on Aliexpress, they know that it can take months for a product to arrive, but It is believed that 80% of TEMU comes in 10 days.

The lead time may be longer than that offered by Amazon or Inditex, which take less than a week to ship orders. Despite this, TEMU offers a price advantage without such exorbitant waiting dates Like on Aliexpress or Shein.

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will be like teemu sheen or like aliexpress

The big Chinese e-commerce platforms that have become successful in the West are Shein and AliExpress. However, its public acts differently when choosing a brand to buy: users choose Alibaba International Edition when they know they want something cheaper and online clothing stores to see and get the latest trends. Let’s open

Ziyi Yang, a reporter for MIT, believes that Teemu will have to “move on” to differentiate itself from existing brands. Pinduoduo, its Asian version, does just that: “It’s known for being an addictive, sometimes manipulative app Encourage people to share what they buy on social platforms To get even bigger discounts.

though the idea of ‘Social E-Commerce’ While results have been favorable in the Asian market, it is unknown how it will be in the US industry, which has very different consumers. “Perhaps this suggests that the West is a much more established environment economically and technologically, so it is unlikely to see such large-scale disruptions as you saw in China,” Kazikoukanas said.

They offer that you choose how much of the digital and how much of the physical experience you want.

If You, the TikTok app that aims to surpass Shein

ByteDande, the company that owns TikTok, has launched another platform, but one focused exclusively on in ultra fast fashion, It’s called If Yoo and it was launched in the European market earlier this year, though little has been heard about it.

The algorithms they use in If You Are are very similar to Shein's.
The algorithms they use in If You Are are very similar to Shein’s.
if you

The truth is that there are many Internet users who use their own social network, TikTok, to share their orders at the online Chinese clothing store. Somehow, ByteDande is giving its competition a boost with the app.

If you practically resemble Sheen, With algorithms that predict trends according to different countries and relatively affordable prices. Despite this, this platform is not getting success like TEMU in beating its competitors.

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