Telegram Wants You To Pay For Your Username: It Will Auction Them Via Blockchain

Telegram will enter the world of blockchain with smart contracts similar to NFTs, but it has nothing to do with this digital art. Pavel Durov, the founder of the instant messaging app, has revealed that he will launch An auction platform for selling usernames on the Open Network (TON) blockchain.

The inspiration for the idea comes from TON’s own username auction for their wallet. In fact, ‘casino.ton’ managed to sell it for over $200,000 (about 203,300 euros). “If TON is able to achieve these results, Imagine how successful Telegram could be with its 700 million users If we can auction reserved usernames, groups and channel links,” Durov said.

In addition, the app’s founder noted that other elements of the platform may be auctioned off later: “including channels, stickers or emoji”.

Commercialization of usernames is a good solution if we keep this in mind Telegram does not allow two accounts with the same name And more and more people choose it as the messaging app. However, this is not the first time the platform is trying to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

The time it takes to create cryptocurrencies depends on the equipment we use.

few years ago, Telegram launched Gram, a cryptocurrency intended to be part of an Ethereum-based TON payment. However, the Durov brothers ran into trouble with US regulators over an unregistered sale of their tokens and shelved the project to focus on others.

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