Tenoch Huerta Admits That The Sex Games He Practices Are “Delicious”

In a Twitter thread, Huerta interacted with one of his fans and some sexual statements came to the fore, which left not only the LGBT+ community but the entire world in suspense.

Tenoch Bagh He has been a social media sensation and despite everyone loving his role as Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), others are skeptical about the actor’s taste.

In a Twitter thread, Huerta chatted with one of his fans and came up with some sexual statements that raised suspicions not only LGBT+ CommunityBut for the whole world.

In his publication, which is from February 14 of this 2022, the actor who played Namor wrote:

“If your 14th February does not end in golden rain, then for me you are alone”, referring to the date celebrated as the day of love and friendship. After that text you can read that he said “In other words, bathed in the loggers, that means, right?”.

one of his followers wrote
One of his followers wrote “Black kisses are yours” to which the actor replied: “They are delicious.”

one of his followers wrote to him “Your Kiss Is Black” To which the actor replied: “they are delicious”,

With this message, fans of “Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverHe replied to Tenoch Huerta that “wants nothing more.”

In these Twitter threads you can read that not only does the actor who played the “King of Atlantis” love water sports, but he also tried to repair the damage caused by misinterpretations, although he never wrote that It was a joke.

As a result, the LGBT+ community offered themselves as “volunteers” to spend the next Valentine’s Day with Ishwar Kukulkan if he is single.


since the last film of miracleNamor broke hearts and it gave fans around the world the opportunity to learn more about his personal interests.

Another thing that caught the attention of users of the social network was the tiny swimsuit that she uses for her character, as fans said that her “Propertyprovoked various responses.

Some even showed two versions of the shot in which a large part of his “features” were allegedly removed, although he did so in the interview. Rolling stone She confessed that one of the pictures is fake, besides this kind of comment doesn’t affect her much as she doesn’t have any insecurities.

“All I can say is: The original was the picture on the right. Without (knots)! He is original. No, I mean I’m not going to lie to people. All men in the world have fragile masculinity, but not on that topic. I would say the right one, the true one, is the picture on the right,” he said.

Netizens accepted and appreciated his answer tenoch Don’t avoid the question. Sometimes the costumes are too tight in the world of superheroes and they have made it a subject of constant debate whenever an actor brings one of them to life.

“All I can say is: the original was the picture on the right. Without (the lump)! It’s the original,” said Huerta (Photo: Twitter)

In the same way, the Mexican has been in the eye of the scandal after his comments regarding the word “échaleganismoBecause he doesn’t believe that word.

“The tamale woman gets up at 4 in the morning and goes to bed at 11 at night and doesn’t get rich. The Garbage Man works in inhumane conditions and does not become rich. A farmer takes care of his land from the age of four till he dies and does not become rich. A fisherman dedicates his life to the net and does not become rich. But this is not the worst, there are always anomalies in the system and some may come. The p*o is that the elite have never wanted it so much and it has arrived”, she read of the published image.

This action is the way in which it is called tasting or caressing with the tongue. double clamp, Although it is practiced by the LGBT+ community, it is not limited to them, as it is also practiced in heterosexual couples.

To do this, a lot of hygiene is recommended, although people have sensitivities in that area.

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