Tenoch Huerta and Lupita Nyong’o dazzle the runway during the “Black Panther” red carpet

Tonight the people of Wakanda leave the African jungle and move to Satellite City in Naukola, for the red carpet of the new Marvel movie, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” in which actor Tenoch Huerta gives life to the legendary villain of history, “Namor.” .

During the event, a large section of the cast paraded, including Mabel Cadena, Lupita Nyong’o, Ryan Coogler, Letitia Wright; As well as filmmaker and rapper Santa Fe Clan, who is part of the soundtrack,

Almost to the end, Tenoch appeared, the man of the night, who, despite already seeing himself on the big screen, still can’t believe it’s all happening to him: “It’s crazy with this fantastic reference (the movie). ) and the past and the culture in which they place him, which I am deeply proud of”, announced the artist which created excitement among fans.

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Many of them managed to sneak into the press area and pose for a photo, a signature and even a hug to be close to their idols.

Mexicans Add Flavor to the Night

The carpet gave way to other activities, including a question-and-answer session in which Mexicans took the night as they demonstrated that it’s cool to turn any occasion and any setting into a party.

And it is that amid media inquiries, Tenoch and Lupita decided to light up the track and do their best while dancing to the song “Suvemente”, which was finally made famous by singer Elvis Crespo. 90s..

Before the astonishment, laughter and outcry of some fans and the media, the villain and the heroine of the tape held each other’s hand, stood up from their seats and distanced themselves from the music as the expert on the matter, some For moments and late raise your arms and thank your audience for cheering.

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