Tenoch Huerta confirms that his crotch had to be reduced with CGI in Black Panther

Tenoch BaghThe Mexican actor who brings Namor to life in «Black Panther: wakanda forever”, has just confirmed that the leaked photos that have been going around social networks about his crotch are real, and that the post production team had to digitally reduce the size of his crotch.

The 41-year-old actor revealed that it was actually very easy for the editors to do, as the suit he wore throughout the film is green, and very easy to manipulate digitally. native of Ecatepec of morelos He also confirmed that he agreed to the downsizing.

This is so that the audience in the theaters does not get bad thoughts in their mind and they can concentrate more on the heart-wrenching story of the film, which gives tremendous development to the characters of the film. shuriThis is all due to Namor (Tenoch Huerta), the main antagonist of the film.

At the theatres, the film has performed impressively, becoming the highest viewed November-release film of all time. Furthermore, the actor also confirmed that this will not be the last time he will be seen miracleBecause his character will have a lot of relevance in the next films of the franchise.

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