‘Terrifer 2’: The Twisted Origin of Demonic Clown Art the Clown

Now that Art the Clown’s sadism is all falling in love with the hype of ‘Terrifer 2’, let us tell you the origins of this evil clown.

Tonight is the first showing of Terrible 2, an excellent Halloween gift from Cinépolis and Morbido, and Wednesday will be the third and last. In other words, only three exhibitions Horror and gore movie with more Publicity in the year. all three are tiredWell, it’s no surprise that fans are outraged by the chain of cinemas and the horror film festival presided over by Pablo Guisa Koestinger.

If you’re a little out of this dire independent movie craze (it only costs $250,000), you need to know that it stars devil clown art clown, a brutal killer on halloween nights, His debut was in the horror anthology all Hallows Eve (2013), followed by his film as the antagonist, HorribleIn 2016, a story that narrates how two unfortunate women are brutally murdered by him, one woman is skinned and the other mutilated.

in the second part, Director Damien Lyons exceeds his limits when it comes to reporting Fainting, vomiting and chaos at its exhibitions in cinemas in the United States, Gringo Moms has had to resort to a petition to stop the film from being censored and terrorizing the minds of poor children who, in acts of mischief and innocence, buy tickets to a film of legal age.

At this point in the year, we can assure you that Art the Clown beat Michael Myers and Chucky with their hands on their waists. but, Do you know how this bastard clown originated? Leon explained during an interview to Entertainment Weekly, where he asked to watch the first tape to avoid any tragedies. To distance himself from fear and to distance himself from people who criticize his distorted history.

Damien Lyon

Directors explain the origins of Art the Clown

“I got the idea that a clown scares a woman on the bus. She’s alone, coming home at midnight from work or whatever. This joker goes upstairs, sits in front of him, looks at him and starts playing with him. It’s weird and weird and maybe even funny, but it gets progressively more intimidating and aggressive,” Lyons explained. And the actor behind the villain is David Howard Thornton.

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