Thalia celebrates 15 years of her daughter Sabrina Sakasi in the most exciting way

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Despite keeping your children’s image as private as possible, thalia Couldn’t avoid sharing a moving video in front of all her followers Celebrate 15 years of Sabrina Sakal, Fans of the singer were shocked by how quickly time passed and how much her daughter has grown.

Sabrina Sakas is the first daughter of Thalia and Tommy Mottola After their controversial marriage in 2000 when she was just 29 and he was 51. Criticism and doubts about their marriage have not deterred them and they welcomed their firstborn in 2007 and the youngest of the family in June 2011.

This is how Thalia celebrated her daughter Sabrina Sakas’ birthday

Via his official Instagram account Thalia shared a short video with various images of her Sabrina Saka When she is still a baby. In the pictures, the then little girl is also seen in the arms of her mother and her grandmother.

“Today my daughter Shaka turns 15. Congratulations, my dear. May you always be at the center of the hand of our blessed Lord. I wrote this song for you and I can’t stop laughing at you, I love you my baby. you will always be my babyEven if you’re fasting for fifteen years”, Thalia wrote with “Blessed” in the background of the video.

Family, celebrities and fans gathered in the comments section of Thalia’s post and wished all the best for Sabrina Sakas.

Here’s the video Thalia shared for her daughter Sabrina Sakal

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