Thalia goes blonde again with short hair and they shower her with compliments

Thalia Shows once again that even at 51 he is still the one reena Which always looks amazing. in their social network shared a photography in which it shines blonde hair with bob cut, Her makeup highlights her beautiful eyes. According to his own description, his form is psycho bitchas their most recent SongWith which he wore an upper garment with different colors and chain straps.

image was shared on their account, on their social networks instagram crossed 34 thousand “likes”, while I Facebook Number more than one thousand. His followers and some entertainment personalities commented on how good looking he is See, was one of the commenters on the post Itati Cantoral, Which put many red hearts on it. It must be remembered that both starred in soap operas”.maria next door,

“How can you be so perfect?” commented a follower.

his other followers dedicated to notes for singing psycho bitchWhich one? divided opinionBecause it was not liked by everyone, although for many it lived up to their expectations, but they commented that they would love to use See In Video of ordinary

Despite differences of opinion, mexican singer published on 9 November Song had reached a million replicas In youtube, just days after its premiere.

His new song has been successful. Photo: FB, Thalia.

“Psychobitch we have already reached one million views on YouTube!!! Thank you for all the support you are giving to the song,” he wrote.

leaving the controversy behind

The singer and actress performed strongly Conflict a few weeks ago when it was said Shakira was criticized for her song “Monotonia”, song that has been a catharsis of sorts after Gerard Piqué’s separation, It was said that the Mexican called the Colombian a “theatrical woman” and that she described the video as “pathetic”.

The singer has been embroiled in controversies. Photo: FB, Thalia.

immediately Thalia explained the situation through a Announcement your public relations agency categorically denied any assault To the interpreter of “Anthology”.

Years ago, he even put himself in the eye of the storm to call.”fodongas, women who don’t exerciseBecause she shares her daily routine and eating plan in her stories.

It is known that the interpreter of “Peel Murray” contracted Lyme disease after tick biteDue to which he was in severe pain. However, he assures that he feels wonderful thanks to Healthy Life that wears and changes feed,

Overall her lifestyle makes her look amazing, with a enviable figure and skin, Also neither years Not too much motherhood they have lost him small waistWhich has also been the target of speculation.


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