Thalia mocks ‘monotony’ and may have branded Shakira Pathetic for breaking up with Gerard Pique

A rumor started spreading through social networks that thalia would have attacked one Shakira And ridicule his new Song title “monotonyIn addition, the Mexican singer reportedly strikethrough of pathetic Barranquillera was then assigned to play the victim. vary Thief Gerard PiquéA situation that caused a whole lot of debate on social networks.

Although neither of them has clarified their relationship, it has been speculated on several occasions that there is a rivalry between the two. It is worth noting that the interview was in 1998, when thalia She was a guest on a television program in Brazil when a fan asked her live about her opinion of Colombian music. Tommy Mottola’s wife’s reaction shocked many because he somehow took it ridicule ,IShakira, It’s a rock, isn’t it?, i make pop music,

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