Thalia shares her exercise routine to lose weight fast and without rebound

Thalia is officially my fitness guru, the owner of my Instagram, who instructs me to get out of bed and move my body. He recently shared one of his secrets to lose weight fast, the best part is that it is a perfect option to avoid the rebound effect.

If this season you want to get a firm figure without fat in a very short time, we recommend you to try this offer which will surprise you with its effectiveness. Don’t forget that you should consult with an expert in the field before implementing any new practice into your lifestyle.

Lose Weight in Thalia Style to Get a Flat Stomach

Through his Instagram account, the famous shared a story in which he spoke about his training. On occasion, he opted for cardio techniques with weights, the routine involved doing 35 minutes on a treadmill and supplementing it with at least an hour of weights.

Although it sounds like a lot, investing 90 minutes in improving your physical health is not that much, remember that small actions always lead to amazing results.

Lose weight in thalia style to get a flat stomach. Photo: IG

How to start running

The first thing you need to know is that although this activity seems very easy to do, we recommend that you go slowly, that is, propose to run as many as you want over 3km. The most important thing is that you respect your position in order to enjoy your training.

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