Thalia surprises with her Halloween costume, but more than how she transforms

Mexican singer and actress Thaliait is Ready celebrate halloween It will be October 31 and disguised as a ‘psycho bitch’names of his latest music singlewhich is about to be released.

It was through her TikTok account, where the singer shared the details of putting together her outfit: “For this Halloween super ‘Psycho Bitch’ costume with Thalia, let’s do it!”

“Awesome at first patent leather shoes, apparently they are from the Thalia Sodi collection. i have two options bodiceBut I’m going with it it must be patent leather, Must be a real psycho bitch fishnet stockings and obviously long sleeve glove”, explained the singer.

Then Tommy Mottola’s wife joked a black hair wig with fringePretending that the assistant had his own voice: “I’m that psycho bitch in the head of another psycho bitch”.

Later, the artist shared how she dresses and the way she does makeup. In the end he is seen in full costume and dancing to his new song.

But that was not all, as she published another video in which she created the TikTok trend, where she is seen dressed casually and after throwing her black shoes in the air, she transforms into a psycho bitch and Requests her fans: “I want to see all his costumes now! i’m going to duet,

It was on October 26 that the singer announced on her Instagram account that the song “Psycho Bitch” may be pre-reserved, although she did not specify a premiere date; Also, in another post, he expressed that the music video would contain references to another song: “Psycho Bitch Forever. Get ready because you’ll see something.” ‘Thank God’ mentioned in ‘Psycho Bitch’ video,

On the other hand, on 28 October, the singer announced that Will host the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards: “I am extremely excited to announce that I will be hosting the Latin Grammys with Anita, Laura Pausini and Luis Fonsi.”

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