That woman is bad! Gloria Trevi would have made Yuri ugly for talking bad about her

  • Six years ago, the LGBT+ community began to clash with the singer over his comments.

  • Gloria Trevi and Yuri had a close friendship for many years, but an apparent betrayal put an end to everything.

  • In 2020, Yuri meets with Karina Yapor, a former victim of Sergio Andrade.

a few days ago they reached the editorial office of tvnote information where it is ensured Gloria Trevi54, declined the invitation Yuri58, to attend her concert at the Arena Ciudad de México because she feels betrayed by him after mutual friends tell her, despite the fact that Jarocha badmouths her behind her back. Trevi He has opened his heart and the doors of his house. We talked to a person at the record company, and he told us what was going on.

– What’s up with Yuri?

“lately Yuri She has been involved in controversy for making silly comments on sensitive issues while publicizing her position regarding the LGBT+ community, and unfortunately this has affected her friendship with Gloria over the years.

– Because what do you say?

“Earlier, they used to travel together, have meals and meetings, but that’s over, especially because Gloria He has repeatedly refused to share the stage with Yuri.

-Did Gloria turn down an invitation to sing together?

“Yes, Yuri He directly invited them to sing together at the Arena Monterrey on 12 November, but Gloria She did not accept for two reasons: first, because her schedule was already full and there was no opportunity to move any performances, and second, out of solidarity with the LGBT+ community, as Gloria believes that the community have supported her throughout her career. love to sing along Yuri, after making his comment and jokingly apologized.

-And how did Yuri take it?

“He took it badly, he stopped following Gloria and her husband Armando on Instagram, but there are other reasons.”

-Which one?

“sometimes Yuri He tricks Gloria into thinking that he is jealous of her; For example, a few weeks ago when Yuri was presented at Arena CDMX which was compared to Glory to Equal fans, when they realized the similarity of performances and costumes, called him a copycat; Apart from a few comments about Gloria knowing”.

In 2020, Yuri had an interview with Karina Yapor, to whom Gloria felt betrayed.

– What did you find?

“They have friends in common, and one day he told Gloria what Yuri badmouths her behind her back, where she shows her jealousy.

-what kind of things?

“suddenly Yuri questions what happened to Gloria. in her past with sergio Andrade; That if his mother had taken care of him, nothing like this would have happened to him. She remarks that thank god her mother took care of her; Those are inappropriate comments that a friend who really appreciates you doesn’t do, he’s jealous”.

-Gloria, what do you think of those comments?

“It hurts and she feels betrayed; Because you can tell that Yuri doesn’t like it with good eyes or doesn’t see that Gloria has risen from all that and is doing great, he sees her as a direct competition. She supposedly claims to be his friend and seems to have already forgotten Gloria. opened the doors of their homes in both Acapulco and McAllen, and there were times when Yuri She stayed with her family in Gloria’s house, it’s ungrateful and a bad friend.”

Famous people may not reconcile, but Gloria is clear she must be careful

– What has Gloria said about it?

“She feels betrayed and has already realized that Yuri It is two-sided, and she wants to pretend her ‘great friendship’ to the public so that people will forgive her for the things she said, but Gloria doesn’t think she is her shield. With a low hand, she has made it clear that she will not betray the community, as they are the ones who have supported her throughout her career and have been faithful and loyal to her, which is why she will ask Yuri for anything. does not accept and less for what she talks about”.

– Do you think that Yuri’s popularity has decreased?

“Certainly, his past concerts have sold out for 2×1 and he has had to resort to celebrities promoting his shows and thus getting more tickets, all a result of comments he has made to the community and about feminism. She has single-handedly thrown the public at her”.

She has already said that she never said anything against the community…

“According to Yuri, he did nothing and will beg forgiveness “on his knees” if they prove he said something wrong; But of course he has made some inappropriate comments knowing that most of his fans are from the community. If she’d held back or been smart, she’d already have her fans back, but her ego won’t let her.”

In an interview, Yuria may have hinted at Gloria

Have they been able to talk to each other?

“Yes, they had a conversation in which Gloria She tries to make him reconsider so that he realizes that it was not right of him to attack the community in this way, but Yuri stands by his position, arguing that he has done nothing wrong, so he has There was no option. Gloria to respect your decision”.

Yuri and Gloria never had a falling out?

“Actually, a conflict between them was already foreseen for some time, because in 2020, when Yuri talks to kareena yapor via live, for obvious reasons Gloria Feels Betrayed, Even by Armando Gomez, Gloria’s husband, posted a nod towards Yuri on his Instagram account in 2020.

Did Gloria tell you anything?

“No, he didn’t even stop talking to her, but the public didn’t forgive that bad move and they started attacking him and calling him a bad friend. What is very disturbing is her husband Armando Gloria says that a ‘friend’ doesn’t do that and it’s not okay, because they’ve both been so good to her and her family. I tell you they lived together, they made their moves to hold their lives together, they told many secrets and from one day to the next Yuri He forgot all. I also think that was very clear in an interview he gave a few days ago.

-What did he say?

,Yuri He was on teledario and said: “I’ve invited people from here to Monterrey, but they patch out with me,” ie he shot Gloria straight. for treating her husband Rodrigo with derision, for not accepting an invitation to sing with him Espinoza, and host, Maria Julia Lafuente, but this is something that Yuri does not dare to say to Trevi’s face, he only hints and ‘jokes’ in bad taste.

There was speculation in the network that Gloria Trevi refused to accompany Yuri on his show in Monterrey

Do you think there is a solution?

I don’t know, it’s hard, but Gloria She is a fighter and she is focused on giving the best to her fans, she invests a lot in her concerts, she loves to pamper her audience and she will continue to do so no matter what or what but it is also very obvious that it should be careful Yuri, if they resume their friendship.”

– Do you think Yuri is looking for Gloria?

“hopefully Yuri Reconsider, that she does not lose the humility that characterizes her so much, that she learns to ask for forgiveness for everything she does and says; The day you do it sincerely, things will turn in your favor,” he concluded.

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