That’s Susanna Gomez, Maluma’s girlfriend who tries to hide her face.

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Maluma He is in love more than ever. He is trying to hide the identity of his girlfriend to protect her privacy because he knows that being such a public figure, the media, fans and thousands of people in the world will be looking for her every detail and follow in her footsteps. . ,

But in this world of the Internet it was inevitable, apart from the fact that the Colombian singer surprised Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022 It was held on September 29, 2022, when he stepped off the stage to kiss his beloved girlfriend in front of everyone present.

Thus, he confirmed that his heart is busy and that he is happy with the company of his partner for a few months. We had rarely seen him but had never seen his face. Last Christmas, Maluma shared a photo of her, but was deliberately shaken so that her face could not be seen. “Thanks Santa,” he wrote.

He later shared a video where he surprised her with an unexpected kiss but also covered his face. We were finally able to see his face at the 2022 Billboard Awards, with whom we were able to learn a little more detail about his life.

Who is Maluma’s girlfriend?

Maluma’s girlfriend is a young blonde named Susanna Gomez. We haven’t met any other couple since his breakup with model Natalia Barulich, but this time he seems to be in even more love.

According to some international media, Susana Gomez is an architect originally from Colombia. She was Maluma’s friend for many years but she later became a healthy and very romantic love.

She is not professionally related to show business, but is already famous in the closest circle of the singer. Everything indicates that they formally began their romantic relationship in September 2021, so they were probably celebrating a year together at that award ceremony.

Some even suggest that Susanna Gomez was already married; However, after her divorce, the “sober” interpreter knew this was her golden opportunity to win her over.

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