That’s the other woman Eugenio Derbez may have left stranded and she’s not Victoria Ruffo

eugenio derbez

One of Eugenio Derbez’s most famous television shows was “La Familia Peluche” and its success was such that it was also seen abroad, where it gave him the opportunity to be able to interact with people who would start his career in Hollywood. and eventually, be able to pursue a real career in commercial cinema. But this fame and fortune of “The Teddy Bear Family” not only reached them, but all the members of that program also got wonderful opportunities after participating in it.

One of them is the case of Regina Blandon, an actress who used to accompany Derbez on the program every night and who had to leave after the program closed to continue her career. Regina Blandon, prior to becoming a part of the program, had been sexually abused during her childhood, something she revealed much later and that no one on the program talked about.

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The actress and comedian spoke to El Heraldo de México about this traumatic experience, sharing that everything happened in the house that her parents used to have in Acapulco, Guerrero, where they used to rest. One of the workers took advantage of this when they went and entered Regina Blandon’s room.

Until she decided not to keep quiet and confessed to one of her cousins, who in turn told Blandon’s parents, thus justice was done and she was able to rest from him. It has just been shared, however, that none of the cast members of The Teddy Family have spoken words of consolation for the actress,

Another dark tale from the cast of “Miri’s VS Godinez”

Regina Blandon also shared the stage with Pablo Lyle in the film or comedy “Miraeus VS Godinez”, recorded in the historic center of Mexico City, so there are already two unfortunate stories within the cast of this box office success. Luckily for Blandon it’s on the way out, as his career has taken another course and the onslaught is under control.

who shared the stage with Pablo Lyal

Years ago, a member of his staff at La Familia Peluche was assaulted by an unknown person and Derbez did nothing to defend her until she had to leave the program, so Derbez doesn’t defend anyone, And it will be the other woman that he leaves helpless and his fate.

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