The 5 Best Dressed of the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022

one of the most important concerts Billboard Awards 2022Where various representatives of Latin music were present to be honored for their artistic work.

And despite climate change in Florida, the event went as planned, highlighting the costumes the personalities wore before and during the event, in addition to the emotion and applause.

That’s why on this occasion we have brought for you about those five women who made the most out of their outfits. Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022,

1. Ivonne Monteiro if the short dress is light with the siren

The winner of “La Casa de los Femosos 2” looked like a beauty queen in nude tone with a charismatic fitted outfit that, in addition to highlighting her figure, made her one of the best dressed women of the night.

Her dazzling dress filled with details in rhinestones put her eyes on her and her ear in the spotlight.mermaid cut dress With which he showed that elegance and sensuality are in no way contested.

2. Tiny and the princess dress with which she sang in her performance

One of those singers who shone in her performance Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022 It was Tini who showed all her charm with an asymmetrical outfit for her performance, apart from wearing a trendy plastic outfit during the red carpet of the event.

In fact, the pink tone of her fluffy dress was perfectly combined with the single performed during the awards ceremony tonight, where various representatives of Latin music gathered.

3. Kate Del Castillo Wears a Sensual and Elegant Look at the 2022 Billard Awards

“Queen of the South” She never loses style, testament to the iconic clothes with which she usually appears at special Telemundo events, such as the dress she wore tonight during the awards ceremony dedicated to Latin music.

In addition to having delicate shoulder pads, the dress of Kate of the Castle It has an opening on the belly that gives a sexy touch to her look, which becomes a delight for the eyes when combined with another opening that shows off one of the Mexican’s sensual legs.

Kate showed off her statuesque silhouette with this dress. IG: Billboard

4. Billboard Awards 2022: Emilia Mearns Wore This Look-Through

The look with transparencies isn’t always successful at gala celebrations, but on occasion, the beautiful Argentine musician and model knew how to wear the trend in an elegant and glamorous way, as by incorporating exquisite details into the rhinestones, her looks. was liked. Dress cut.

Plus, since it wasn’t an extremely tight dress, Emilia Mearns enjoyed the comfort and sophistication during Billboard Awards 2022,

Emilia Mernes stood out for her sexuality with this look. Twitter: @EonlineLatino

5. Becky G becomes Queen of Billard Awards 2022

The one reggaetonera that could not disappear from this count is the genius Becky GWho stole eyes on the red carpet using her fashion sense Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022,

The ensemble chosen by the representative of urban style focuses on a modern lemon green dress, which, in addition to daring openings, has an unusual cut, which allows to appreciate the curves of the woman. Becky G In a very sensual and original way.

Becky G looked like a princess in this stunning lime green dress. @billboardarg

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