The actor who worked with Chris O’Donnell on NCIS Los Angeles and died in real life

NCIS: Los Angeles has featured one of the CBS crime series’ most iconic villains in some of its storylines over the years. Her first appearance was in season 4 and the last time fans saw her working alongside Chris O’Donnell was in the 10th installment. His interpreter passed away in 2021 and fans might not know.

NCIS: Los AngelesBroadcast Network’s Hit Crime Drama CBS Currently airing from early October with season 14, it returns every Sunday with new episodes and more stories for the special agents who fight crime while risking their lives amid constant confrontations and constant explosions .

Ravil Isyanov plays Russian villain Anatoly Kirkin on NCIS: Los Angeles

Over the years, fans of NCIS: Los Angeles have met a number of recurring characters. And usually, they represent villains in the CBS show’s narrative who have become memorable to viewers. eitherAmong them was Russian-born mobster Anatoly Kirkin in a procedural drama.

On NCIS: Los Angeles, was played by Anatoly Kirkin. Ravil Isyanov. The character first appeared in season 4 of the series in 2013 and later returned for the seventh, ninth and tenth installments. Isyanov’s character, while occasionally helping the team, usually betrays them: however, he never ceased to be a fan-favorite villain.

Many fans might not know this, but star ravil isyanovworked with chris o’donnell and the rest of the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles, Died on September 29, 2021 in the city of Los Angeles at the age of 59, More than a year has passed since his departure, but he left an indelible mark on the show thanks to the acting quality of his character.

One of Isyanov’s first roles was in the 1992 film back in the USSR In the same year, he played Yakov in the TV movie, stalin, In 1995, he played a Russian hacker in the film hackers, Two years later, in 1997, Isyanov had a recurring role in The Man Who Made Husbands Jealouswhere he played the role of Boris Levitsky for three episodes.

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Ravil Isyanov passed away on September 29, 2021 at the age of 59

The actor was also widely recognized in action films from the 90s golden eye in 1995, then he played Suslov K-19: The Widowmaker in 2002 and in Voshkod Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011. Likewise, he attended The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the good german why back in the USSRamong others.

During his long television career, Ravil Isyanov played such characters as Admiral Konstantin Nikolajevits Ruskov the last ship of series TNTRussian representative in Anton Petrov agents of SHIELD of miracle and interrogator in OBKhSS Ruslan American of fx, among others. Some of Isyanov’s other roles include appearances on Buffy. Vampire Slayer, ME, NCIS, Prison Break why 24,

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