The actress who shone with Pedro Infante had a daughter who succeeded as a comedian with Chespirito and Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

during the call The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema Various actresses and actors emerged who managed to work in the industry for many years and who passed on their taste for cameras to their descendants, such as Kika Meyer, A celebrity who started her career with an icon like Pedro Infante and Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. The outstanding film diva had a daughter who became a comedian and forged her own path, succeeding in productions by Roberto Gómez Bolaos, better known as ChespiritoYou Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

According to some biographies, the artist was born on April 30, 1918 in Mexico City under the name ofe clemencia catalina mayor martínez, Despite her beauty and acting talent, the famous was never a prominent person because they always performed as a supporting actress, However, this was not an excuse for him to be involved in the most important productions of the time and to share credits with the most outstanding personalities of the time, thus managing to be in over 70 productions throughout his career.

Kika Meyer and Her Time in the Golden Age

According to the collected data, Reading He started his career in 1935 with the film “bohemian“, starring Julian Soler, Amelia de Elisa and Alejandro Ciangherotti, -father of actor Fernando Lujan, who changed his last name to deny his ancestry-. Then he had a brief break, and 10 years later he returned to the recording set for the film “Senda del Destino”, where he shared credits with Luis Aldas, Gustavo Aponte, Josefina Romagnoli and V.erginia serrate

Keika Meyer was a popular supporting actress Photo: INAH

Similarly, during Golden Cinema, the actress was among the best productions of the time, as she starred in “We the Poor”, “Black Angels” and “They Say I’m a Feminist”, some works for which she is remembered. is done Pedro Infantealso participated with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. “super smart” with and Joaquin Pardava and Sarah Garcia in “L”to the Perez family, tapes in which she showed that she was also a comedian; Other films he shot were Pedro Armandriz and . are accompanied by “l’ attached” “Two Fighting Cocks”With Luis Aguilar.

Most of the roles she played on the big screen, especially when she was next to a “Mexican idol”, were the characters of the “woman of heroic life”, as she was always in bars. He has been credited in some of the films in which he acted, as his participation was little, however, he was requested by the directors, evidenced by the fact that he has more than 70 films in his repertoire.

Daughter of Golden Age Actress Wins as a Comedian

Kika marries Arturo Guzmán Perezwith whom he February 26, 1937she had a daughter alejandra marthawho took interest in the artistic medium after a few years and started his career, but as a comedian, In Tato, in 1983, after being away from the media after participating in “Two Women and a Man”, 1971, the actress of the golden age of national cinematography, died, however, her eldest daughter continued on the big screen. Continuing his legacy, television and theatre.

Alejandra Meyer Following in Her Mother’s Footsteps in Acting FB Ephemerides Lunacrystal

known as a comedian Alejandra Meyer debuted at the theater 1953, and at the end of the same decade he made his film debut, so by the 1960s he was already working on television. Although he played dramatic characters, it was his comedic roles that made him popular with the public, as in 1980 he was in the program “Chespirito”, in which he played the receptionist at the hospital where he works. Dr. Chapatin,

However, she rose to prominence with her character of mother-in-law “Donna Kata”. Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo on the hit sitcomDr. Candido Perez”, in which the actress was Nuria Robe as “Sylvina”. Similarly, he was also in the films “El Cuerpazo del Libertad” and “Tragico Earthquake en Mexico”, as well as the telenovelas “Mundo de Jugete”, “Gabriel y Gabriela”, “Juana Iris”, “Mas Beyond the Bridge”. , “they are like that” and “I love Juan Querendon”This was his last production in 2007.

Unfortunately, Alejandra Meyer died on November 7, 2007 due to a serious kidney problem, which kept her under observation for a week at the SantaElena Hospital in Mexico City. Her husband was a musician in the family of the actress Pepe Arevalo, and his son Joshua Arevalo Mayor, Who follows in the footsteps of his mother in theater and film.

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