The actress with whom King Carlos III was in love and was photographed in the Palace

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King Charles III He is human like all of us; sad, happy, angry moments, obligations, responsibilities, hobbies and platonic love. During his youth and when he was the most eligible bachelor in the world to be heir to the British throne, It became known that he was deeply in love with an actress and singer.

It is very normal for people to feel physical and emotional attraction to celebrities, both the actors we see in movies and famous singers. In a new dedicated book dedicated to the life of King Charles Reveals He Couldn’t Stop Listening To Barbra Streisand’s Album Because He Was Deeply In Love With Her And it is said that he had a painting with the picture hanging in his room in the palace for him to see before sleeping.

This was revealed by the writer Christopher Anderson. “The King: The Life of Charles III”A controversial book containing many unknown data from the early years of King Carlos III.

In publication we learned this fact that ensures Fell in love with the great Hollywood star while studying at Cambridge University in the late 1960s, long before I met Lady given. He listened to all his songs non-stop, while the rest of his classmates adored Led Zeppelin.

“A Personal Favorite: The Soundtrack to the 1968 Academy Award-Winning Film ‘Funny Girl'”, Andersen wrote who also told that in 1975 now the emperor demanded to meet Barbra Streisand and met her on the set of Columbia Pictures for about 15 minutes while the celebrity Funny Lady was filming.

After meeting her in person, it is said that Carlos fell in love with her even more. “I really wanted to meet and be with her. I still maintain that she has great sex appeal after seeing her in person,” Assures the author of the book that Carlos said in writing.

After years it was found that Barbra Streisand receives flowers from King Charles III And that they got on very well but never had a more serious relationship.

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