The Almada Brothers: this is how María Félix treated her cousin Mario Almada

Mario Almada He was one of the great actors of action films in Mexican cinema, together with his brother Fernando, he managed to stand out in the industry and recorded hundreds of films that brought him stardom. Although he was very famous, but few people know one of her cousins it was also involved in the artistic medium, and indeed she was one of the divas of the golden age of national cinematography, because it was almost Maria Felix. It was the artist who told in an interview what his relationship was like and how his relatives treated him, which was characteristic of his strong personality.

whereas “La Donna” debuted in Cine de Oro with the film “Souls of the Rock”, 1942, where she met the man who would years later be her husband George Negrete and became an outstanding actress thanks to her characters “Femme fatale” managing to cross borders; member ofAlmada Brothers“He became a star in the 60s, 70s and 80s because he started making tapes of so-called mexican western inspired by american old westBut with a national touch.

Ever since Maria Felix made her debut, she has become one of cinema’s great actresses Photo: Exclusive

Mario Almada confesses how his cousin Maria Felix was

The lead actors were relatives due to the relationship between their parents. Ricardo Almada Guerena, The actor’s father’s first cousin was Josefa Guerena Rojas, mother of the hero ofTizok: Indian love“. Despite this bond and the fact that they worked in the same environment, the two were not very close, as although both were aware of their blood relationship there was no relation between them. any relationship, Especially the divas of the big screen who are constantly ignored “Almada Brothers,

had his own Mario Who disclosed in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante Maria Felix’s father was a cousin on her mother’s side.and although the actress was also called “Maria Bonita”, neither spoke to him nor to his brother Fernando Almada about this relationship, Well He considered himself superior to his relatives. However, when he won silver goddess In the late 1960s, the star of the Golden Age of Cinema changed attitudes and began talking.

,(Maria Felix) was somewhat arrogantHe barely even greeted us when he was there. but when i I took out the silver goddess at that time yes she greeted me: ‘Goodbye cousin’, They told me,” recalled Mario Almada, during a conversation with journalist and head of the program “En Compañia de”, in which he also revealed that directors and producers were “lined up” to work on his projects, that The reason why he became one of the actors with the most tapes recorded during his long career in the national cinema.

Mario Almada, star of Mexican cinema

Mario Almada He was born on January 7, 1922 in Huatabampo, Sonora. From a very young age he had an interest in the artistic medium, as he appeared with his brother Fernando in the film Juan Oriol, “Dear Mother”From 1935, where she had a minor role, so this tape is little known. It was not until 1959, when his brother got his first opportunity in “Milagros de San Martín de Porres”, that he reintroduced himself in the show, as little by little he participated in different productions, acting Being the movies that consolidated them. Career in between.

Although both were very successful at the beginning of the century as “Los Hermanos Almada”, Fernando decided to retire from acting in “Abandonment” Mario, who decided to remain in the industry despite his advanced age. star of “The McLovian Tunco” He died on October 4, 2016 at the age of 94, while his brother retired at the age of 91, so little is known about him, however, in his last public appearance he revealed that he was in good health. are in

Mario Almada said Maria Felix was arrogant with him and his brother Photo: Exclusive

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