The Almada Brothers: This Is What Fernando Looks Like Today, The Mexican Film Actor Who “Abandoned” Mario

, in the history of mexican cinema lnames of “Almada Brothers” They are written in gold letters, as they were the biggest exponents of action films during the 70s, 80s and 90s. mario established itself as a leading figure in the industry, while fernando he decided “dump herTo take his life away from the camera. The latter stayed away from the artistic medium, until he reappeared some time ago and is what he looks like now.

has had national cinematography various phases over the years, one of these was western mexican or Name given to films inspired by Chilean Westerns American Old West ThemesBut that took a turn thanks to the creativity of the country’s producers and actors, as they tried to Policemen, drug traffickers and even politicians,

Mario and Fernando Almada make Mexican western movies Photo: Exclusive

Fernando Almada, the first person to debut in cinema

According to the records, Fernando Almada He was the first to enter the artistic medium, as he took some singing and singing classes while he was studying engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN); Finding his passion, he left his career to focus on the industry, which is why he managed to land a radio show “Serenades of yesterday and today”.

He got his first opportunity in 1959 “The Miracles of Saint Martin de Porres”“, a film starring Sarah Montielwho was Best Paid Actress in Cine de Oro, as well as castile rose, Lorena Velazquez and Andres Soler. After this more projects came on the big screen, in the 60s he joined his brother, Armando, To be their producer and screenwriter and thus create their own stories.

that movie”witch’s rider“, from 1965, would be the beginning of the duet known as “Los Hermanos Almada”, as it was in this film when Armando joined Mario as the protagonist. Later films such as “Everything for Nothing”(1968), which was highly regarded as it won eight silver goddesses, as well as “that’s why”Among others, which were created under his company “Producciones Almada”.

Why did Fernando Almada “abandon” Mario Almada?

Brothers made career together, but also togetherHe made some projects separately, Well mario almada He was to be in television melodrama. Overall, co-star “Tunco McLovio” He recorded over 380 productions throughout his career, while Fernando made around 156, this may be because he retired at the beginning of the new century, shooting his last film in 2001 “King of Pot,

Fernando Almada Decided to move away from the artistic world, didn’t make any statement even though his brother was there mario he died 4 October 2016. It was not until 2020 that a Facebook page published a photo of the actor with the diva of Mexican cinema isla vegaIn the image you can see the actor who was already almost 90 years old, because it must be remembered that the actor was born on February 26, 1931.

FB Tampico paparazzi with Isla Vega at Fernando Almada 2020

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