The Bad Bunny dancer received a marriage proposal during a concert at Azteca Stadium

When the song “Ojitos Lindos” came on, dancer Karina’s fiancé knelt down and gave her an engagement ring. (screenshot @karinaortiz_pr)

concerts of puerto rican singers, bad bunny In Aztec Stadium There were moments of chaos and despair for the thousands of fans from Mexico City who could not reach the show due to ticket cancellations and other incidents.

However, there is also a second part to the tour finale”bad bunnyHottest tour of the world”, Well, the lucky ones who were able to enter the concert without any problems had a great experience.

He watched the parade of guest stars who shared the stage with Benito during both nights and various pleasant anecdotes from the attendees. one of which was Marriage proposal One one of bad bunny’s dancers,

The event was recorded in various videos that are already circulating on social networks, mainly on the platform TIC Toc, where some users posted the exact moment Bad Bunny starts singing with his guest stereo bomb, one of the most anticipated songs, “Ojitos Lindos”. It is then that the Puerto Rican pauses and addresses the public, “If you love someone, this is the time to tell them,

Following this, Kareena’s fiancee (the dancer) kneels in front of her with a ring in hand and the excited young woman says “yes” and jumps into her lover’s arms. The enthusiastic crowd erupted in applause, “Kiss! Kiss!” as the couple burst into tears of joy.

“Long live love”, “The dancer is getting married”, “Crying for strangers is my passion”, “Always be a spectator”, “Could it be that one day I can get it?”, “kareena took the show”, This is how netizens celebrated the engagement of the young couple.

The popular dancer has received tons of affection from the public and has thousands of followers on her Instagram account. Where she shares her day to day and love filled moments with her boyfriend. Joe is dedicated to photography according to his profile @mouxel3, as he shows many images of Bad Bunny during concerts.

Together their latest photos are from a trip in a hot air balloon flying over the impressive Teotihuacan pyramid.

Bad Bunny ended their international tour with an impressive concert at Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium, surrounded by friends like sech, that soumet, dance why Raquel Berrios.

Likewise, El Conejo Malo attempted to perform several duets live from his popular album “Un Verano Sin Ti” with his guest artists in the production. with stereo pump somat sang the hit “Ojitos Lindos” with Buscabula Berries “Andrea” and with chancho corleone “I behave beautifully”.

Jhayco was called upon for “Taro” and his hit “Docity”, which was included on the album “El Ultimo Tour del Mundo” by Bad Bunny, as well as “No Me Conos” by Jhayco whose remix features guest Bad Bunny. . Mora and Jowell & Randy also participated

After touring the United States coast to coast as well as concerts in the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala the Puerto Rican finally returned to the capital. Arrived. and two dates in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.

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