The beautiful Argentine who conquered the Golden Cinema and died in a tragic accident at the age of 32

gold cinema given the opportunity to beautiful actresses To become a star from other countries, as happened with this beautiful ArgentinaWho not only conquered Mexico with his beautiful face, but it is said that he also stole the hearts of people Pedro InfanteWith whom he did the famous film “you are rich“. However, with a career that was going strong in our country, He died in a tragic car accident at the age of 32.,

Nelly Montiel, whose real name was Nelly Tusnelda Eberer, was born in Argentina in 1919. In his native country he was known by the surname Edison. In Mexico, she was classified as femme fatale and women of society, because she had a very special beauty. From a very young age he began his career with supporting roles in films such as “Help Me to Live” (1936), “Boys of the City” (1937) and “Plagaria Gaucha” (1938).

The actress began a successful career in Mexico. Photo: Special

His tragic death at the age of 32

Over 20 films have been filmed in Mexico, and another ten are filmed in their native Argentina, nelly was becoming one of the most sought after stars of that time. The actress attracted attention for her size and beauty, which she shared with her compatriots Rosita Quintana, Libertad Lamarque and Rosario GranadosBut, on the contrary, montiel There would be a fatal destiny that would leave a great mark on the national cinematography.

The life and career of the beautiful Argentine a . was shortened by tragic accident, The actress would have the saddest fate among the stars of the Golden Age, as she died in a car accident on September 14, 1951, at the age of 32, while on vacation in the port of Acapulco. Guerrero states, when his career was on the rise.

Nelly Montiel conquers Mexico at the hands of Pedro Infante

Due to the boom in the film industry in our country in the mid-1940s, nelly Decides to try his luck in Mexico. His first formal entry into it was with Miguel M. Delgado’s film “El Secreto de la Spinster” (1945), but it was not until the following year that the public began to thank him for his roles in “El Socio”. , “Champion Without a Crown” by Alejandro Galindo, directed by Roberto Gavaldon and with David Silva and Amanda Del Llano.

In 1947 he would be part of the team made up of actor Sofia Alvarez, Pedro Infante and René Cardona, who were simultaneously filming two films, one directed by Miguel Zacharias, “If They Have to Kill Me Tomorrow” and the other, “La Barca de Oro”, by Joaquín Pardave.

Nelly shares the credits with Pedro Infante. Photo: Special

With a dozen films made in Mexico, it was the year 1948 when he took part in the film “You the Rich”, a continuation of “We the Poor”, films directed by and starring Ismael Rodriguez. babywith whom he had a romantic relationship, although many confirm that the singer only had the fame of a conqueror, as he was a very detailed man with women.

in the same year, montiel Will reprise the role of the female Fatale in the film “Calabacitas Tenders”, which is famous for being the first film in which comedian Germán Valdés worked together”.tin tan” and Gilberto Martínez Solares, who became her principal director. The film was followed by other successes in Nelly’s life, such as “When the Don Asks (Fire in the Flesh)”, “We, the Stenographer” and “Expert in Women”. , his last film.

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