The beloved actor who succeeded with Los Hermanos Almada was known as “El Rambo Mexicano”.

“Almada Brothers” He was one of the most recognized stars action movies in mexico, Well, despite the fact that his movies were very controversial, he gave him a chance to star differently, as was the case Augustine Bernal, who won with a family of actors and was known as “Mexican Rambo” Since it was similar to the character of not only Sylvester Stallone, But also for similar roles.

Fernando and Mario Almada He started his career as a child artistA Golden Age of Mexican CinemaHowever, it wasn’t until the decades of the 70s, 80s and 90s that he rose to fame as he starred in tapes of the so-called Western Mexican or Chili Western, named for films that draw inspiration from themes from the Old American West. Actors shared credits with a large number of actors, as was the case Romualdo Busio Busio, real name of actor

Romualdo Bucio Agustin Bernal’s real name was Photo: FB agustin.bernalactor

Agustin Bernal, “The Mexican Rambo”

Actor born. Happened in Paraquero, Michoacan, In 1959, he began his career away from the limelight, before making the leap to the big screen. entered the army. At just 15 years old, Bernal begins his military training And he also showed interest in sports, as he participated in athletics competitions, in track and field, winning several medals. Also, they met Antonio Riviello BazaniaJoe was the Secretary of National Defense during the six-year tenure of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and who selected him to appear in various competitions.

“I always exercised, but I trained physically, culturally with the militaryWhatever I am today, I am indebted to the army, for the armed forces,” said the Mexican actor in an interview, who also emphasized that like some of his peers, he attracted the attention of producers because of his physique and talent. “I’ve always said that I entered (cinema) as Sasha Montenegro and Maribel Guardia: because of my body and talent”, he said happily at the Radio Fiesta program in 2017.

Meanwhile, he made his debut in the industry in 1985 with a small participation in the film “better bird in hand“, despite the fact that he did not have a very prominent character, this allowed him to remain active in Mexican cinema, becoming one of the most recognized villains of the tapes in which he shared the credits. “Almada Brothers”“, Jorge Reynoso, David Reynoso, Jorge Luc, Sergio Goyri and the heartthrob of action movies, valentine trujillo,

The actor worked with Mario and Fernando Almada Photo: FB agustin.bernalactor

“Seven in sight, Part 2: Fury of Vengeance”, “Born to kill“Death Prediction”, “Relentless Hunting”, “The Law of the Coyote” and “outside the law”There are some movies that he shot, he also made several tapes of the so-called “Video Home” and set up his own company”El Colote Productions. With which he carried out his projects, accumulating over 200 feature films throughout his career, earning him the nickname “El Rambo Mexicano”, as he was also known for his action films.

What happened to Agustin Bernal?

In addition to working in film and television, agustin bernal He was also one of the actors who decidedor enter the world of politics, Since he held the position of a municipality in his origin paracuaro, However, he never left the entertainment industry as some of his latest appearances were “no refunds”, movie where eugenio derbez They gave him a small role as a truck driver.

He also wrote a book titled “my eldest”, Which he presented in 2017 and he wanted to take it to the screen, however, it was not possible, as from January 8, 2018, it was not possible. Augustine Bernal died at the age of 58. old man on his farm coulote Located in his hometown. The actor suffered a heart attack due to a heart problem, as the organ was abnormally enlarged; His remains now lie in the family crypt in Michoacan.

He had a special participation in “Returns not accepted”. Photo: FB agustin.bernalactor

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